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Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Stocked for Success

At the Wild Alaskan kitchen, our freezer is always packed with individually wrapped portions of wild-caught and sustainable seafood ready to go. And because of its great quality, sometimes the simplest ingredients or side dishes are all that’s needed to help this delectable protein shine. On any given weekday, our kitchen is bustling with staff members cooking up fillets of our fish for an easy lunch, or a last-minute group of hungry guests who’ve stopped by the office for a visit. And that’s why always having a well-stocked pantry is an absolute must. 

Check out our go-to ingredients that make the act of whipping up a tasty, nutrient-dense meal easier than cracking an egg

  • Condiments — Accoutrements like tartar sauce for fried cod, miso paste and mirin to use as marinade on a sablefish broil, mayo for fish salads and ketchup for fish fingers, to name a few. 

  • Herbs —Think greenery such as dill, aka salmon’s verdant bestie and cilantro, which is delicious as a topper on our popular Caribbean fish stew.

  • Oils & Fats — From olive, coconut and vegetable oil to good old fashioned butter, and one of our personal favorites, ghee, a nice range of fats is always key.

  • Texturizers — These are your trusted crusting agents, which give your fillets that crispy awesomeness. Items such as almond flour, panko breadcrumbs, shredded coconut, chopped nuts and even crushed cornflakes can be used.

  • Liquids —  Coconut milk, for example, is key for poaching in our book, and seafood stock is clutch for stews and soups if you’re after that deep umami flavor.

  • Spices — With a solid range of spices, you’re always able to give your meals more global flavors, which helps to mitigate what we call boring-weeknight-dinner fatigue.  

  • Dried goods — Dried mushrooms, for example, are game-changers when you’re after a sophisticated flavor profile; while pantry staples such as rice, barley, farro, beans, quinoa and orzo are perfect comfort carbs to have on hand. Also, we’ve never met a pasta we didn’t like, especially when it’s the bed upon which a nice fillet of something wild sits.

  • Tortillas — In our kitchen, no one ever says no to fish tacos.

  • Wine — Because wine not? :)

So, there you have it. An e-fish-ient seafood pantry list that’ll make your next wild meal just a thaw and pantry reach away.

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