Anchor Points

Equal parts culinary insights, philosophical musings, meditations on the maritime and Alaskan family pride, Anchor Points is an archive of personal letters written by our founder's wife to our members — with the heartfelt mission to inform and inspire.

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Let's Celebrate the Light on the Horizon

Ruminations on Finding Luminosity in the Dark

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I’m Taking My 2021 Cues Directly from a Seafood Soufflé

How the Magic of One Perfect Dish Tells Me Everything I Need to Know

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Here’s Why The Unexpected is My New Best Friend

With the Unknown Comes Opportunity — Especially in the Kitchen

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Seafood Tells Our Happy Stories

Making Memories with Maritime Meals

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Autumn with a Side of Optimism

Musings on Seasonal Shifting, Cycles and Joy

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7 Spiritual Lessons I Learned Hunkered Down in Alaska

How Going Far Helped Me to Go Deep

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Here's to a Leader Who Leads with His Heart

25 Fun Facts About Arron Kallenberg, Our Founder & CEO

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How You Turn Your Pantry Into Your Passport

Using Taste to Travel and Flavor to Fly

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Here’s How I Embrace This Wild Ride

The Life-Saving Task of Shifting Grief Into Gratitude

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Wild Salmon is More Spiritual Than You Think

Understanding How This Special Wild Species Keeps the Balance

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Home Sweet Homer

The Small Fishing Town with a Huge Personality

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Here’s Why I’m Wild for Whimsy

How to Lose Yourself in the Possibility of Experimentation

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Kin in the Game

The Beauty of Being Married Into an Alaskan Family

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Let’s Hear it for the Ladies

An Homage to the Women Who Raised Our Founder/CEO

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Let Me Tell You About My Own Family’s Nautical Roots

A Love Affair with the Sea Comes from Both Sides

Featured Post

Alaska’s Natural Cycles are Nothing Short of Magic

The Ever-Changing Nature of Alaska’s Colors and Light

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Let’s Hear It for Creative Closeness

Staying Connected No Matter What

Happiness is Edible!

You Could Literally Eat Your Way to a Happy

The Beauty of Bounty

How Abundance Leads to Culinary Creativity

You’re Going to Love These Epic Fish-Cooking Hacks

Foolproof Ways to Elevate Your Technique

Time to Peek Inside Our Kitchens

Our Go-To, Must-Have, No-Nonsense Pantry Items

We Have a Fun Secret to Share

Gearing Up for the Next Generation

Here’s What July 4th Means to Us

Summertime Through the Childhood Lens of Our Founder & CEO

Take Your Seafood on Your Sojourn!

How to Take Your Wild-Caught Fish on the Road

Treat Your Brain Like the MVP of Your Body

Here's Why Wild-Caught Fish is Superfood for Your Brain

Back-to-School Seafood Lunches for the Win

Packing Nutritional Punch that Kids Will Love

Hear Me Out On My Case for Tail Pieces

The Unsung Heroes of Your Seafood Arsenal

20 Reasons to Eat More Seafood in 2020

The Many Benefits of Alaska's Wild-Caught Bounty

Mastering Your Seafood Pantry

How to Build an Arsenal to Maximize Your Cooking

My 5 Pillars of Creative Plating

Crafting Meals that are as Pretty as They are Delicious

How to Lead with Your Ladle

The Subtle Art of Soups and Stews