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A resource for information on how to prep, handle and cook wild seafood. Everything from recipe inspiration, flavor profiles, marinades and culinary techniques — to beverage pairings, hosting ideas and how to always make the most of your wild-caught cuts.

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Green & Marine: How to Maximize Herbs with Your Wild-Caught Seafood

The Art of Building Flavor through Freshness

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Batter Up: 7 Healthyish Fried Seafood Ideas That Always Win

Recipes that Achieve Crispy, Crunchy Texture

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7 Outstanding Warm Weather Cod Ideas

A Fresh Take on Cod with Summer Herbs and Veggies

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7 Pies and Casseroles You Can Make with Wild Alaska Pollock

Culinary Meets Cozy with These Family Favorites

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Kickstart Your Baby’s Brain Health with the Superfood of the Sea

Introducing Wild-Caught Seafood to Your Kids

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Wild-Caught Schmears, Dips and Mousse

Working with Seafood that Spreads

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7 New Seafood Salad Ideas that are Anything but Boring

Healthy Meals that Don’t Skimp on Satisfaction

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Summer Wine Pairings for Your Wild-Caught Fish

The Nuance of Rounding Out Flavors in the Sun

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8 Different Rice Recipes that Feature Wild-Caught Seafood

Gourmet Greatness Through Your Favorite Grains

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7 Classic Summertime Seafood Recipes

Go-To Dishes that Always Please Under the Sun

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How You Turn Your Pantry Into Your Passport

Using Taste to Travel and Flavor to Fly

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Summer Sides that Pair Perfectly with Wild-Caught Seafood

Using Veggies to Craft a Complete Warm Weather Meal

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Beyond Bagels: Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Smoked Sockeye Salmon

How to Make the Most of Your Cold-Smoked Fish

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RECIPE: Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Spot Prawns

A Fresh and Healthy Way to Fuse Protein and Veggies

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8 Perfectly Cozy Summer Seafood Chowders

How to Get Your Soup on During Warmer Seasons

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Air Fryer Recipes and Inspiration

A Healthier Method for Crispy Texture

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10 Seafood Recipes that Include Three Ingredients or Less

Meals That Make a Strong Case for Less is More

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Our Top Seafood Solutions for Picky Eaters

Keeping it Simple While Maximizing Nutrients

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10 Wild-Caught Seafood Recipes Perfect for Al Fresco Dining

Fresh Recipes to Enjoy in the Fresh Air

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8 Open-Flame Seafood Cooking Tips You’ll Love this Summer

Tips and Tricks to Maximize the Thrill of the Grill

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Never Eat Dry Halibut Again

Recipe Ideas for the Flakiest Fillet of Alaska’s Favorite Flatfish

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Troubleshooting Your Seafood

The Easy Fixes You Need for Chef-Like Perfection

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How to Remove Pin Bones

The Right Way to Handle Tiny Bones that May Arise in Fish

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7 Fun Ways to Enjoy Our Captains Cuts

How to Make the Most of All the Portions

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A Foolproof Method for Crispy Skin on Fish

Perfecting the Nuance of Texture on Seafood

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‘Tis the Season: How to Make the Most of Spices on Seafood

Creating Depth of Flavor with Condiments

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Snack Hack: How to Enjoy Your Seafood in Between Meals

Tips for Nourishing High-Protein Bites

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7 Stir-Fry Combos to Make with Your Wild Alaska Pollock Quick Cuts

Protein-Forward Meals that Come Together Fast

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Puff Piece: Using Pastry Dough for Epic Seafood Meals

Tips on Adding Texture for Innovation

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Rock the Grill this Summer with Wild-Caught Rockfish Recipes

A Roundup of Perfect Warm Weather Rockfish Meals

How to Store Your Box of Seafood

Tips on How to Properly Pack Your Bounty

Understanding the Difference Between Coho and Sockeye

A Quick Breakdown of the Species' Nuances

6 Dishes You Can Make with Your Homemade Spot Prawn Shell Stock

Broth-Centric Seafood Meals that Always Please

Perfect Cold Lunch Ideas for the Warmer Months

Refreshing Meal Inspiration for Spring and Summer

How to Make Stock Using Your Spot Prawn Shells

The Resourceful Art of Flavor Maximization

8 Perfect Ways to Enjoy Our Spot Prawns

How to Get Creative with “The Lobster of Alaska”

Here’s Why I’m Wild for Whimsy

How to Lose Yourself in the Possibility of Experimentation

The Beauty of Bounty

How Abundance Leads to Culinary Creativity

You’re Going to Love These Epic Fish-Cooking Hacks

Foolproof Ways to Elevate Your Technique

Time to Peek Inside Our Kitchens

Our Go-To, Must-Have, No-Nonsense Pantry Items

Take Your Seafood on Your Sojourn!

How to Take Your Wild-Caught Fish on the Road

Back-to-School Seafood Lunches for the Win

Packing Nutritional Punch that Kids Will Love

Hear Me Out On My Case for Tail Pieces

The Unsung Heroes of Your Seafood Arsenal

20 Reasons to Eat More Seafood in 2020

The Many Benefits of Alaska's Wild-Caught Bounty

Mastering Your Seafood Pantry

How to Build an Arsenal to Maximize Your Cooking

My 5 Pillars of Creative Plating

Crafting Meals that are as Pretty as They are Delicious

How to Lead with Your Ladle

The Subtle Art of Soups and Stews

Fresh vs. Frozen Seafood: What’s the Difference?

Why Flash Frozen Seafood is Your Best Bet When it Comes to Quality

Spot Prawns: Everything You Need to Know

An Exquisite Shellfish with a Delicate Sweetness

How to Master Your Seafood Pantry

Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Stocked for Success

Here’s How a Wild Alaskan Membership Actually Saves You Money

All Year in the New Year, Save Money While Eating Healthy

20 Reasons to Eat More Seafood in 2020

Our One and Only Obligatory List to Usher In the New Year (We Promise!)

RECIPE: BBQ Rockfish Sandwich

A Sweet and Nutty Fish with Tang and Crunch in Every Bite

The Everyday Wild Alaska Pollock Potluck

Recipes for your Pack of Quick Cuts

RECIPE: Roasted Sablefish Squash Succotash

A Melt-in-Your-Mouth and Buttery Fish with the Flavors of Fall

Having a Seafood Thanksgiving is Easier than You Think

It's All Gravy (and Cranberries and Mashed Potatoes) From Here

Weathervane Scallops for the Feast

Crowd-Pleasing Inspirations for Your Next Dinner Party or Holiday Spread

Faux Frying: A Healthier Option for a Crispy, Crunchy Seafood Texture

Crusting Techniques and Coatings We’re Nuts For

8 Wine Pairing Suggestions to Optimize Your Wild Alaska Pollock Experience

Beverage Selections for a Super-Versatile Fish (In Partnership with Winc)

A Newbie’s Guide to Making Smoked Salmon (Even if You Don’t Have a Smoker)

Leave the Cold Smoked Salmon to Us, and Become an Expert on the Other Varieties

Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon: Everything You Need to Know

Meet The Main Ingredient For Your Next Breakfast

RECIPE: Brown Buttered Halibut with Sage and Breadcrumbs

A Perfect Sage Butter Sauce, Finished with Breadcrumbs and Ready to Effortlessly Impress

Here’s How a Wild Alaskan Membership Makes You a Better Home Chef

Cooking Up Delectable Seafood is Only the Start

RECIPE: Mikey's Salmon Poached in Aromatic Coconut Lime Sauce

A Delicate Preparation Full of Bold Flavors

Weathervane Scallops: Everything You Need to Know

These Scallops Native to Alaska Are Full Of Protein While Being Very Low in Fat

RECIPE: Mediterranean Cod Stew

A Robust and Flavor-Forward Entrée to Herald In the New Season

Here’s Why Tail Pieces Are Your Culinary Heroes

Looking at this Wildly Underestimated Piece of the Fish in a Whole New Light

Sablefish: Everything You Need to Know

The Highly Prized Fish with a Melt-in-Your-Mouth Flavor Profile

A Case for the Fish Sandwich: Always an Optimal Menu Choice

Here’s Why Wild-Caught Seafood Sammies are the Perfect Meal

3 Key Advantages of a Monthly Wild-Caught Seafood Membership

Membership Benefits that Go Beyond Time and Convenience

Avocados and Salmon Share a Common Link of Healthy Fats

Celebrate National Avocado Day with a Feast Full of Omega-3s

The Art of Eating Seafood on Your Sojourn

Tips on How to Enjoy Wild Fish on the Road

6 Epic Fish-Cooking Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your At-Home Seafood Cooking Game

RECIPE: Moroccan Grilled Sockeye Salmon

Bold and Zesty Flavors Come Alive in this North African Inspired Dish

RECIPE: Bay Bounty Salmon Tacos with Chili Avocado Cream

Fish Tacos that are as Pretty as They are Sublime

7 Flavor Profile Ideas to Make Your Wild Alaska Pollock Go Global

Inspiration from Around the World to Elevate Your Fish Game

Rockfish: The Alaskan Whitefish Species You Didn’t Know You Needed

Everything You Need to Know About this Delicious, Mild and Versatile Species

Your Go-To Alaskan Rockfish Recipe Roundup

10 Preparations and Flavor Profiles that Truly Rock

The Anatomy of a Perfect Taco Featuring Wild Alaska Pollock

Breaking Down the Key Elements for Perfect Fish Tacos

Here’s Why Wild Alaska Pollock is the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Fish

6 Ways to Turn this Mild White Fish Into a Perfect Family Meal

8 Rubs and Marinades That Take Wild Alaska Pollock to the Next Level

The Subtle Art of Flavor Profiling on a Mild White Fish

8 Wine Pairing Suggestions to Optimize Your Wild Alaska Pollock Experience

Perfect Beverage Selections for a Super-Versatile Fish

Your Go-To Lenten Season Menu Maker

40 Different Ways to Enjoy Wild-Caught Fish

How to Cook Fish Five Times Per Week and Still Never Get Bored

The Life-Changing Magic of Dynamic Seafood Menu Crafting

RECIPE: Wild Salmon Poke Bowls

A Fresh Idea for a Super-Clean Meal

RECIPE: Wild Salmon Quinoa Taco Bowls

A Healthier Alternative to a Favorite Classic

Rethink Your Drink: Debunking the Myth That Red Wine and Seafood Don’t Pair

Making a Case for Red Wine as a Perfect Choice for Wild-Caught Fish

RECIPE: Secret Spice Rubbed Wild Salmon Canapes

An Tasty and No-Frills Approach to a Perfect Salmon Appetizer

RECIPE: Hot Honey Broiled Sockeye Salmon Glazed with Sriracha Honey Butter

A Salmon Entree That's a Perfect Balance of Sweet, Spicy and Savory

RECIPE: Silver Palate Wild Salmon Mousse

How to Make the Crowd-Pleasing Salmon Starter That Never Fails

The Game Changer: How To Replace Red Meat with Red Fish

Healthy Fish-Forward Recipe Ideas Even Meat-Lovers Can Enjoy

The Cozy Bowl: 7 Glorious Fish Chowder Recipes Ideas

Ideas and Inspiration for Easy and Tasty Seafood Soups and Stews

5 Ways to Make Wild Salmon in an Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker

How to Use Your Favorite Pot for Easy and Delicious Fish Meals

7 Ways to Work with Halibut Steaks

Ideas and Inspiration for Cooking the Steak of the Sea

How to Broil Wild Halibut

Tips on Using High Heat for a Simple and Reliable Preparation

RECIPE: Caribbean Fish Stew

A Cozy Way to Prepare Your Wild-Caught Fish

10 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Leftover Salmon

How to Make the Most of Your Wild-Caught Fillets

Moisture Master: How to Make Sure Your Wild Salmon Never Tastes Dry

Key Tips for Achieving Perfectly Tender Fillets

9 Paleo Fish Recipes You Need in Your Life

Integrate Wild-Caught Fish Into Your Clean Eating Routine

What to Feed Your Non-Meat-Eating Relatives on Thanksgiving

Fish-Forward Menu Inspiration for the Holiday Season

10 Keto Fish Recipes You Need in Your Life

Integrating Wild-Caught Seafood Into Your Keto Routine

Here's Why Wild Salmon Cooks Faster Than Farmed Salmon

Understanding (and Mastering!) the Art of Cooking Wild Salmon Right

How to Pan-Fry Halibut

Tips for a Quick Stove-Top Cooking Method That Never Fails

7 Unexpected Things You Can do with Wild Salmon

Pink Inspiration to Get You Thinking Outside the Box

How to Stop Overcooking Your Wild Salmon

Tips to Master the Art of Salmon Perfection

9 Awesome Wild Salmon Appetizer Ideas

Ideas and Inspiration for Salmon-Centric Canapés and Snacks

8 Ways to Enjoy Wild Salmon for Breakfast

Inspiration and Ideas to Start Your Day Sunny Side Up

How to Pan-Fry Cod

Tips and Tricks for Cooking Cod Perfectly on a Stove-Top

Wild Salmon Recipe Inspiration from Around the World

11 Global Flavors and Ideas to Keep Your Salmon Game Interesting

How to Host the Ultimate Wild Salmon Cookout

How to Enjoy Some of Nature's Most Robust Food with Nature as the Backdrop

Ultimate Fish Taco Round Up - Our Favorite Recipes from Around the Web

Ideas and Inspiration for the Menu Choice That Always Wins

Here’s Why Cod is the Unsung Hero of the Sea

Getting Inspired by a Fish that’s as Mighty as it is Mild

8 Ceviche Recipes That Will Change Your Seafood Game

Ideas and Inspiration from the Tangy to the Tart

Banish Weeknight Ruts with These 10 Quick Fish Solutions

The Go-To Seafood Recipe List You’ll Always Go Back To

The Secret Art of Getting Your Kids to Eat More Fish

Tips and Tricks on Adding Wild Seafood to Your Family’s Diet

Is It Okay To Eat Salmon Skin?

What You Need to Know

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Homemade Gravlax

Tips on How to Cure Wild Salmon at Home

How To Pan-Fry Wild Salmon

The Recipe That’s as Easy as Frying an Egg

How Do You Know When Wild Salmon is Done?

Mastering the Art of Perfectly Cooking Salmon

How to Oven Bake Cod

Key Tips for Cod that is Baked to Perfection

How To Poach Wild Salmon

Tips on Using Liquid as the Key to Cook Your Fish

Flavor Files: Rubs, Condiments and Marinades Perfect for Fish

How to Maximize Spices and Herbs for Dynamic Seafood Menus

Libation Mastery: The Perfect Beverage Pairings for Your Fish

Tips on Selecting Optimal Drinks to Match Your Catch

How to Broil Wild Cod

Tips on Quickly Cooking a Delicate Fish on High Heat

How To Oven Bake Wild Salmon

Tips on One of the Simplest Ways to Cook Your Fish

How to Steam Wild Cod

How to Master a Delicate Cooking Method for a Delicate Fish

How to Grill Wild Halibut

Tips on BBQing Wild-Caught Halibut to Perfection

How to Grill Wild Cod Loins

Tips to Make Wild-Caught Cod Your Grill’s Best Friend

How to Steam Wild Salmon

Tips and Tricks on This Super Light Preparation

How To Achieve The Perfect, Crispy Wild Salmon Skin

Key Tips and Tricks to Nail a Tasty and Dynamic Skin Consistency

How to Grill Wild Salmon

Tips & Tricks to Master the Ultimate Summertime Food Hack

How to Broil Wild Salmon

Tips and Tricks for Making Salmon Magic Using High Radiant Heat

Can You Eat Raw Salmon?

Understanding the Safety of Flash Frozen Salmon for Uncooked Consumption

RECIPE: Easy Fish Tacos

A Go-To Fish Taco Recipe That's Ideal for Cod or Halibut

Wild Salmon Recipe Inspiration for Every Possible Person on Earth

20 Cooking Ideas from the Simple to the Sublime

Cooking Wild Salmon is Actually Easier than Cooking an Egg

You can literally be eating delicious, sustainable seafood in less than seven minutes

When it Comes to Wild Salmon, Here's Why Frozen is Usually Better than "Fresh"

Demystifying the Process of How Quality Fish Ultimately Makes it to Your Table