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“Fish may be one of the trickier items to ship fresh (we shiver to think of that package being left on your doorstep all day), but businesses like Wild Alaskan Company have nailed the process.”

How to Grocery Shop Like a European—But Entirely Online

Member Testimonials

“Wild Alaskan Company has become a staple in our house. Not only is it a reliable source of clean protein, but the salmon also tastes delicious.”
- Alexis S.
“Wild Alaskan Company has helped keep my family of four healthy. It is reliable, convenient, and an easy way to prepare a nutritious dinner. Even my three year old eats it happily, and we all look forward to our next meal! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a flavor-forward meal.”
- Debbie S.
“I took a chance; now I'm obsessed! I gave Wild Alaskan a try, and this salmon is amazing. I'll never touch store-bought salmon again. Once a month I hear the doorbell ring, and I know my new health food fix of Wild Alaskan salmon has arrived!”
- Jon K.
“Pure deliciousness. Cooked to perfection in a screaming hot cast iron skillet.”
- Tom L.
“We are loving for first order we received of salmon. My husband worked in Alaska many, many years ago as a college student and says this is better than he even remembered. Thank you!”
- Janet P.
“I have tried the salmon, and I am very satisfied with the freshness and quality. I am mentioning this to my friends so be ready for special orders soon 🙋. Thank you again; pleasure doing business with you and your company.”
- Norma G.
“I LOVE THE PRODUCT and the service and your mission- 100% support you and yours. I am from the Virgin Islands and have spearfished and line fished my entire life.. and now live in NC near my mom .. love what you are doing…”
- John H.
“I will say the quality of the fish has been superior to what I can buy in a grocery. We loved Alaska and appreciate this resource that you are passing on to us.”
- Dianna Y.
“I got my first shipment last week & cooked salmon Friday night. I was blown away by how delicious and flavorful the salmon was! I always try to buy wild salmon, not farm-raised (with added coloring), but this was probably the best salmon I have ever had. No joke. It is wonderful! I am going to share it, I really love the quality.”
- Pat S.
“We have had two dinners with the Sockeye Salmon... wonderful flavor and texture! and I have two filets thawing for dinner tonight! The product arrived in perfect condition with really quality packaging! I love fresh fish, and I have never been comfortable with grocery store selections... We live in a very rural area...and do quite some trout fishing when we can... but having this option for high quality, safe, sustainable fish is just FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work…”
- Meredith D.
“We have enjoyed a few meals so far on our first order, the salmon is great, we have bought wild caught in the grocery store for years but getting this from your company takes it up to the top. Like I said in a email when asking a question to Lauren, I guess the only way to get it any fresher is to buy an airline ticket to Alaska.”
- Bobby W.

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