Frequently Asked Questions

Why a monthly membership?

We are a supply-driven, monthly seafood program. Our membership model allows us to gauge roughly how much fish to consistently procure. This approach aligns with our commitment to sustainability and ensures the highest quality service for our community. So in that sense, we're much different than your typical fishmonger or grocery store.

Can I pause my membership?

We are super flexible when it comes to scheduling. You can reschedule future deliveries up to 8-weeks from your account home page. If you need more flexibility, you are welcome to reach out to the team and we'd be happy to reschedule your next order beyond that.

Is my fish frozen or fresh?

Your fish is always frozen, so it can get to you as fresh as possible. We know that sounds kind of weird, but it’s actually true. By freezing wild-caught fish as soon as it’s brought to shore, any potential parasites are killed off and your fish lasts longer. It tastes just as delicious, too.

How is the fish shipped?

All products are packaged with dry ice in an insulated box and shipped to you via ground service. The fish arrives frozen and ready to be placed in your freezer. If you don't see any dry ice in your box when you receive it, don't worry. Most of it will evaporate during transit and might even be gone by the time you receive your order. You can find more info on our packaging by visiting our How It Works page and scrolling down to "How It's Delivered".

When do you deliver?

It depends on when you join. Your fish will typically be at your doorstep within a week of when you start your membership, and then every month after that.

Do you offer any plans more frequent than monthly?

We offer monthly or every 2 months plans. And once you join, our Member Experience team is happy to work with you to ensure your frequency best matches your needs! We'll even give you tools to manage your monthly or bi-monthly orders.

Where does your fish come from?

All of our fish is wild-caught from sustainably-managed fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver everywhere in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. Concerned your area might be too off the beaten path? Send us an email to [email protected] and we'll help!

Do you sell farmed fish?

No way! All our fish is wild-caught from sustainably-managed fisheries. We've even written a blog post to help you tell the difference between farmed and wild salmon.

How much does it cost?

It depends on how much you order. You can see the plans and pricing for all of our plans on the plans page. We pack every shipment with dry ice – no matter your order size. So the more fish you order, the more affordable it gets.

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