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Get wild-caught, sustainable seafood delivered to your door, on your schedule. Enjoy healthy and delicious meals with our high-quality, curated seafood selections.

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Curated Selection

Curated Selection

We work with trusted, wild fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to bring you sustainably-sourced seafood.

Seafood Expertise

Seafood Expertise

Consider us your personal fishmongers. We’re here to share recipes and answer all your questions. Chat, email or call!



Easily modify your delivery date and frequency. Discover exclusive specials. Enjoy free shipping. Cancel, anytime.

100% Satisfaction and money back guarantee

We know our seafood is some of the best food on the planet and that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction & money-back guarantee.

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Our Monthly Boxes

You’ll get your box conveniently delivered to your door monthly (or as often as you’d like). All fillets are cut into individual portions, vacuum-sealed, easy-to-prep and great for any meal. You’ll always get a heads up 3 days before it charges so you can modify, pause, or cancel your Membership anytime before each order.

Always Wild Caught and Processed in the U.S.A Always Sustainabily Sourced No antibiotics, added coloring, or dyes 100% Satisfaction and money back guarantee
Always Wild Caught and Processed in the U.S.A Always Sustainabily Sourced No antibiotics, added coloring, or dyes 100% Satisfaction and money back guarantee

By Virtue of Our Nature

From sourcing to packaging to delivery, we provide the highest standards to you and the planet through and through.

Arron Kallenberg

My name is Arron Kallenberg.

I am the founder of Wild Alaskan Company. The story of this company is the story of my family, my roots and a deep-seated desire to reconnect with myself and with real food.

For thousands of years, food and community shared a sacred bond — which has sadly been broken by the global industrial food system. I started Wild Alaskan Company because I believe the best way to reconnect with each other and improve our food system is by nurturing a community that demands sustainably-sourced meal options. I invite you to learn more about our story and join us on this journey.

Arron Kallenberg

Arron Kallenberg
Founder & CEO Wild Alaskan Company

The story of this company is the story of my family

Arron Kallenberg
Founder & CEO, Wild Alaskan Company

Cook Seafood at Home Like a Chef

As a Wild Alaskan member, you get everything you need to craft seafood meals at home like a seasoned expert. Delicious meals are easy when you start with top quality, wild-caught seafood, a team of personal fishmongers and access to new recipes from our Wild Alaskan community.

Coho Fisherman's Style

The Fisherman-Style Fillet

Sockeye Salmon Porton (6 oz.)

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Calories 270
Yield 2 servings
Mediterranean Cod Stew

Mediterranean Cod Stew

Pacific Cod Porton (6 oz.)

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Calories 215
Yield 4 servings
Spot Prawn Pasta

Spot Prawn Pasta

Spot Prawn (8 oz.)

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Calories 500
Yield 4 servings

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a membership? Can I try it just once?

We are a supply-driven, monthly seafood program. Using an approach that aligns with our commitment to sustainability and ensures the highest quality service for our community, our membership model allows us to gauge roughly how much fish to consistently procure. There is no commitment necessary – you can change your schedule or stop your deliveries at any time through your account or by reaching out to our Member Experience team.

Is the fish frozen or fresh?

Knowing how to tell if fish is fresh is key when you’re a home cook — but first, it’s crucial to unpack what “fresh” really means. Because, believe it or not, when it comes to wild-caught seafood, frozen actually means fresh. That is to say, our seafood is frozen for flavor. If you can’t enjoy seafood right off the boat, “quick freezing” means vibrant fillets retain high nutrition and clean, delicious flavor – it’s safer and lasts longer, too!

Does the fish stay frozen? Do I have to be home for delivery?

We've worked with engineers to figure out the perfect box size and amount of dry ice for each shipment, so your fish arrives frozen and stays frozen until you get home later that night, even in the hottest conditions. You’ll always get a heads up by email letting you know when your fish is expected to arrive.

Is this fish farm-raised or wild-caught?

Always wild, never farmed! There’s a misconception that consuming fish from farms is a good solution to overfishing, since their wild relatives will be left in the sea. But there are hidden, unsustainable and unhealthy downsides. We work in concert with nature and all of our fish is wild-caught from sustainably-managed fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

What does sustainable really mean?

When defining sustainability, we look to Alaska. Alaska has sustainability practices written into its constitution. Article VIII institutes the practice of "Sustained Yield." This refers to an amount of a certain resource (in our case, fish) that can be harvested without causing depletion aka we only take what nature can naturally replenish. Learn more here or chat with our team.

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