Eat Amazing Seafood
Every Month

Here's How

It hasn't always been easy to find high-quality, healthy seafood. Until now.

1. Reserve Your Monthly Share

When you become a member of our monthly seafood program, you reserve the right to a monthly share. We offer seafood shares in many different sizes to accommodate all types of families.

2. Sustainably Harvested

We leverage three generations of Alaskan seafood industry experience and connections to source your seafood from trusted suppliers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Alaska has the best-managed, wild fisheries in the world and Alaskans work hard to protect this amazing, natural and fully-renewable resource.

3. Processed at the Peak of Freshness

Most wild fish stocks can only be sustainably-harvested at specific times of the year. So if you're looking to enjoy wild seafood year-round, then how and when your fish is processed after it is caught matters — a lot! We work with trusted partners to source premium fish that is frozen after being caught to lock in maximum freshness. Learn more about the fresh-frozen process here.

4. Delivered to Your Doorstep

Don't have space in your freezer for a year's worth of seafood? No worries! We store your fish in commercial-grade freezers strategically located around the country and ship the perfect amount to your doorstep every month.

5. Enjoy Seafood All Year Long

As a member of our monthly seafood program, you and your family will enjoy healthy, delicious and sustainably-harvested, wild seafood all year long.

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By reserving your monthly share, you’re helping build a more sustainable food system that’s better for humans and fish alike.

Money-Back Guarantee

We know our seafood is some the best food on the planet. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied with our product, we'll refund or replace the total purchase price.

Dive into your Box

We are proudly shipping the following species wild-caught in Alaskan waters and processed in the USA: sockeye salmon, coho salmon, pacific cod, pacific halibut and wild Alaska pollock.

  • Individually-Sealed Portions (Avg. 6 oz. Each)
  • Ready-to-Cook
  • Sustainably Harvested
  • Never Farmed or Genetically Modified

We always update you via email whenever we're featuring new species, too!

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Ready to get your feet wet?

Eat wild-caught fish from sustainably-managed fisheries. It's better for you and the fish!