3 Key Advantages of a Monthly Wild-Caught Seafood Membership


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Membership Benefits that Go Beyond Time and Convenience

Monthly membership services have already made a huge impact on our lives and show no sign of letting up in the future. Think about that last TV series you binge-watched or the new album you downloaded onto your phone. Or then there’s the access to great shipping deals you love, or even the way you’ve been buying razors and shaving cream for the past year. But when it comes to wild-caught sustainable seafood, being a monthly member goes way beyond the advantages of just time and convenience.

A Healthier Lifestyle with Little Effort 

We understand that many things in life boil down to routine, especially when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. That’s why a monthly membership to our wild-caught and sustainable seafood helps play a role in effortlessly incorporating healthier eating habits without all the planning. From making your skin glow (seriously!) and providing nutrients to aid in weight loss, to being the ultimate brain nutrition powerhouse, a monthly membership poises you to maintain a clean diet, and liberates you to dedicate your focus on some of your other goals, like enjoying the outdoors or spending time with your family. 

You Consistently Contribute to a More Sustainable Food System

We are a supply-driven, monthly seafood program. Roughly knowing how much fish to procure for our members aids in allowing us to consistently source first-rate, wild-caught sustainable seafood every month. And with three generations of history in the Alaskan fishing industry, we take great pride in being seafood experts who encourage the advancement and adoption of sustainable food systems. 

Access to Your Own Personal Fishmonger For Questions, Recipes and Seafood Support

Have you ever come home from the store with your purchase of wild seafood, and then realized you forgot to ask whoever you bought it from something? Or perhaps when you were there, it felt too intimidating to strike up a casual conversation about handling or preparing seafood? Even worse, the place you bought your catch from couldn’t confidently answer some of your basic questions. Well no matter the topic, as a monthly member of Wild Alaskan, you always have access to our dedicated member experience team, who take the fear out of buying fish. Whether it’s about recipes or sustainability, or having to make changes to your order, or even if you just want to gab about wild seafood, we welcome you to the community and are always here to chat!

So there you have it. Now enjoy your monthly wild-caught seafood membership and live wild.

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