Here’s Why Wild-Caught Seafood is the Gift of Gifts


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Giving the Trifecta of Quality, Health and Convenience

What better way to show a loved one your appreciation than by gifting them a box of wild-caught seafood from Wild Alaskan? A box of wild-caught seafood is something that any of the foodies, health nuts, busy parents, and sustainability-minded folks in your life will appreciate. 

It’s an idea that’s a trifecta of quality, health and convenience, something that covers all the bases of a gift that is equal parts thoughtful, cool, and mouth-watering. 

If you’re not convinced, here are our thoughts on why wild-caught seafood is the gift of gifts. 

Give Quality

Gifting a box (or more!) of wild-caught seafood is one way to say to your loved one, “Hey, treat yourself.” After all, wild-caught seafood is one of the state of Alaska’s greatest resources; in fact, sustainable fishing practices and habitat protections are written right into the state’s Constitution. That is the level of quality and care you can count on when you're giving the gift of wild seafood.

Commercial fishermen in Alaska take great pride in offering us the freshest of fresh seafood, and we in turn take great pride in how we handle the seafood once it leaves their care. We take no shortcuts in our work to offer seafood that has been handled with high-quality standards in mind, always flash-frozen at the peak of freshness so that enjoying wild-caught seafood can be an everyday luxury for your loved one. 

Give Health

Yes, wild-caught seafood is a clean, lean protein that is rich in essential nutrients and fatty acids. But we’re not just talking about health from a nutritional standpoint. We’re talking about holistic, head-to-toe well-being.

Giving your loved one the gift of wild-caught seafood allows them to start enjoying it on a regular basis, which comes with a long list of positive effects. Is your loved one feeling a little blue? Wild-caught fish can help stave off the blues and lift their mood. Do you know a seafood lover who is anticipating a new addition to the family? A box of wild salmon, rich in the omega-3s EPA and DHA, is a perfect toast to the health of the mother-to-be. 

You’re also giving your loved one a gift that will help them sleep better, get their skin glowing, and treat their brain like the MVP of their body. Here’s to your recipient’s health and well-being!

Give Convenience 

Having wild-caught seafood delivered to your loved one’s doorstep is a gift whose generous qualities extend beyond the seafood itself. 

The convenience of having a freezer stocked with a variety of perfectly-portioned, ready-to-cook cuts of delicious, nutritious protein spares your loved one a trip to the grocery store and saves them time when they’re in the kitchen. Opening up a box of wild-caught seafood opens up the opportunity for your loved one to have more free time to spend in other aspects of their life, even if simply means having more down time to kick back. 

How to Give the Gift of Wild Alaskan

Giving the gift of easy, good-for-you, culinary luxury is a cinch to do and requires less time and effort than it takes to perfectly sear a fillet of wild salmon.On the Wild Alaskan homepage, you can send a gift to your loved one through your profile (that little person-shaped icon at the right hand corner of the site). Click on “Send a Gift” and pick the box that you think suits the recipient’s taste and personality. Then, fill in the recipient’s shipping info and write a gift note if you like.

You can choose a delivery week up to eight weeks in advance of when you’d like the gift to arrive; if you change your mind and want to move it up or back, just send us an email at [email protected] or reach out to us over live chat to advise us on when you’d like to ship the gift. 

Pro tip: Leave the recipients email address so that we can take care of all the shipping & tracking notifications, and you can follow along on your gift’s journey from the comfort of your own device right on your Order History page.

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