The Everyday Wild Alaska Pollock Potluck
The Everyday Wild Alaska Pollock Potluck

The Everyday Wild Alaska Pollock Potluck

November 27th, 2019

Recipes for your Pack of Quick Cuts

As Alaska’s most abundant fish, wild Alaska pollock is a sustainability superstar.

Caught in icy cold waters, wild Alaska pollock is low in fat, high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and packed with nutrients known to strengthen the immune system and promote brain health. In addition to being loaded with health benefits, its mild flavor and firm texture makes wild Alaska pollock an all-purpose, lean protein to have on hand to use in a broad range of dishes. It’s perfect for any type of dinner party or everyday meal (aka a wild Alaska pollock potluck!), and it’s no wonder why it’s often used as a substitute for cod recipes.

For Wild Alaskan members, our wild Alaska pollock arrives cubed and portioned in 6 oz. packs of quick cuts. These quick cuts offer a dynamic and convenient way to enjoy hearty chunks of fish and are sized to cook through while maintaining its texture. And not only are they perfect for tacos and breakfast scrambles, but quick cuts make this Alaskan superfish the ultimate kid-friendly fish, giving parents an optimal way to prepare a healthy meal disguised in deliciousness. 

Whether you’re frying, baking, or stewing something for a crowd of guests (or just hungry little ones), wild Alaska pollock is the perfect canvas for every taste.

When You Want Something Crispy

The quick cuts are especially handy for fried preparations of wild Alaska pollock when you want to strike the perfect balance between a crispy, golden exterior and a firm, moist interior. This recipe for Beer-Battered Pollock Bites is a different spin on your classic fish and chips, no deep fryer necessary. The bites are totally dip-able, making this recipe a winner for even the fussiest kid at your table — but it also might become your go-to meal on the couch when you want to Netflix and chill. And if you’re looking for another crispy recipe but with a sweet and sour tang, swap out cod for your wild Alaska pollock quick cuts in this Chinese sweet and sour fish stir-fry.

For a modern American take on crispy fish, try Alton Brown’s panko-crusted Cod Fingers. Rather than using quick cuts straight from the package, this recipe calls on you to finely chop the fish when it’s half-thawed, half-frozen, as it will be much easier to get your kitchen knife through a semi-firm cube of fish rather than a completely thawed one. Serve with a classic tartar, a curried mayonnaise, or even a simple tonkatsu sauce.

Crispy wild Alaska pollock can also be the star of your salad — but since it’s so mild, go bold with your other ingredients. This recipe from Curious Cuisiniere for Thai-Style Salad with Crispy Fish is a complete meal of clean protein, fresh shredded cabbage, and ramen noodles (you can use rice noodles if you prefer), pulled together with a red curry dressing.

When You Want Something Baked

As a sustainability superstar, this recipe for Sustainable Fish Pie is the perfect celebration for a creamy and comforting dish that’ll get you through a chilly evening. (FYI, it makes for amazing leftovers.) We recommend swapping out the shrimp in this recipe for plump, weathervane scallops.

Even inexperienced home cooks can make this Herbed Fish Crumble, which integrates classic Mediterranean flavors, crusty ciabatta bread, and wild Alaska pollock into a hot and bubbly bake.

And of course, quick cuts of wild Alaska pollock can be tossed in a Mexican-inspired rub or marinade of your choice for a crowd-pleasing taco night. Or if you’re looking to enjoy its natural flavor profile, bake the quick cuts at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes until it’s fork tender and flakes easily.

When You Want Something Stewy

Quick cuts of wild Alaska pollock are the ideal size for use in chowders, stews, and soups, fitting perfectly on top of your spoon for each meaty bite. This straightforward recipe from Bon Appétit for a creamy fish chowder is elevated with a bit of bacon, but if you want to keep it pescatarian-friendly, simply add a bit more fat to compensate — and most importantly, make sure you use a really good fish stock, preferably homemade.

A lighter yet equally filling dish is this Mediterranean fish stew from Food 52. Its base of ripe tomatoes is enhanced with the elegant richness of saffron and subtle sweetness of fennel, punctuated with briny black olives.

For something even more complex, this Southern Indian Fish Curry from Gordon Ramsay spices up its coconut milk broth with something you probably already have in the pantry — though you might need to grab some tamarind paste. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to tamarind paste, though; you can use a 1:1 ratio of lime juice to brown sugar in a pinch, which will give you a similar taste. 

Now, make everyday a wild Alaska pollock potluck and happy cooking!

Note: There are a couple of British recipes in this round-up that you’ll need to do a simple conversion of some of the ingredient measurements.