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Crowd-Pleasing Inspirations for Your Next Dinner Party or Holiday Spread

Let’s talk about some of the fun facts we previously learned about weathervane scallops. They’re a great source of nutrients and full of protein while being very low in fat. Native to Alaska, they also happen to be some of the plumpest scallops in the world. And searing them is an easy way to bring out their delectable flavor (read here for your Weathervane Scallops 101 refresher!). 

In addition, this delicious seafood is also a crowd-pleaser that’s ideal for larger dish formats for bigger groups of guests to enjoy. So for your next dinner party or holiday feast, we’ve got your recipe inspirations that are a grand way to impress an audience at once.

Scallop Mousse with Fresh Basil

It’s time to switch out your favorite salmon mousse with this scallop mousse dish. In fact, this recipe is so good even Julia Child loved it. It not only looks beautiful, both plated individually or served family style, but it’s also just different enough (but not too weird) to wow your guests. Plate it in smaller servings with a madeleine pan to serve as passed hors d'oeuvres, or use a copper scallop shell to serve it as a stationary selection that will look almost too good to eat.

Scallop-Spinach Spread

If you’re still deciding on an appetizer to serve, then this scallop-spinach spread is a must. One way to think of it is as a spinach artichoke dip that’s been elevated to the max with loads of extra protein (and flavor) thanks to the weathervane scallops. While your guests might think they know what they’re sinking their teeth into, their reaction at first bite will be sure to make for a perfect picture to laugh at for years.

Sea Scallop, Flat-Leaf Parsley & White Wine Cashew Cream Sauce Pizza

We like to think that there’s no occasion where pizza isn’t welcomed. Its toppings and ingredients can be adjusted for every palate or dietary regimen, and it’s fun to eat at every age. And that’s why this recipe with scallops and white wine cashew cream sauce is on our list for our holiday get together. Whether it’s served as a fun option at the kid’s table or a palate cleanser between rounds of turkey and stuffing, we can’t imagine anyone saying no to a slice, regardless of how full they are! 

Baked Scallops and Shells

For an epic dish that can be a refreshing change to mac n’ cheese, this baked scallops and shells recipe is sure to be a hit. Think of it as an opulent twist on tuna casserole, with scallops instead of canned fish, and rich Parmesan cheese instead of cheddar. Each gooey warm bite is sure to bring delight with scallops, pasta, cheese and bread crumbs.


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