20 Reasons to Eat More Seafood in 2020


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The Many Benefits of Alaska's Wild-Caught Bounty

Ahhh, the number 20 — it can go so many different ways. 20 minutes on a treadmill can seem like an eternal hellscape, while a winning 20-million dollar lottery ticket, not so much. 20 questions from a naggy relative can be annoying, unlike 20 kisses from your favorite person. As for right now, the year 2020 is finally here, and you know what? We’re feeling pretty great about it! That’s because enjoying more fish and seafood as part of a clean eating agenda is on our list of goals to accomplish this year. And with the 20 reasons below, already having access to wild-caught, sustainable seafood will undoubtedly position you ahead of the game.

With that, here are 20 reasons why everyone should be eating more seafood in 2020:

20. A good nut crust satisfies any craving for something crispy and crunchy, and is a great alternative to frying.

19. The rise of wild Alaska pollock as “the sustainable seafood you’ll soon be seeing everywhere,” according to Vogue.

18. Fish tacos make everything better.

17. Weathervane scallops are native to Alaska, and some of the plumpest scallops on the planet.

16. Wild-caught seafood is the ultimate brain nutrition powerhouse.

15. You never have to get bored with cooking fish.

14. Eating salmon fillets will make your skin glow.

13. Four perfect words: cold smoked sockeye salmon

12. Sustainable seafood is expected to be one of this year’s biggest food trends.

11. It’s the year of The Mediterranean Diet, so hooray to eating less red meat and more seafood!

10. As the classic kid’s menu grows up, “salmon fish sticks” are the new chicken nuggets. 

9. Elevating your at-home seafood cooking game will be a cinch.

8. The challenge of mastering new seafood recipes that celebrate the healthiest protein. Turmeric Salmon with Coconut Crisp or Salmon with Mustard Vinaigrette and Leeks, anyone? 

7. Sablefish (aka black cod or butterfish) from Alaska grow larger in size than their U.S. west coast counterparts, so bring on lots more buttah (fish, that is!)!

6. Avocados and salmon share a common link of healthy fats.

5. Becoming a better home chef with lean and clean protein is a no-brainer.

4. Our wild Alaska pollock quick cuts are extremely versatile and super easy to cook.

3. Blind taste tests in a recent study rated frozen seafood “as good or better than supposedly ‘fresh’ fish bought at the supermarket.” 

2. Salmon is getting the VIP treatment it deserves as the cover star of Food & Wine’s January 2020 issue.

1. It’s downright delicious AND will help make those extra twenty minutes on the treadmill feel like much less of a drag :)

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Pictured above: a few more reasons to enjoy seafood in 2020 - and even more recipes to come in the New Year!

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