RECIPE: Weathervane Scallops + Chimichurri


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Courtesy of Rob Eggleston, Executive Chef, Seamore’s

This less-is-more recipe, courtesy of Rob Eggleston, Executive Chef at Seamore’s, is the perfect appetizer, and certainly if you happen to be hosting. This recipe can feed 15-20, depending on what else is on the menu. 


Approx 25-35 Weathervane Scallops

2 oz cilantro

2 oz parsley

2 oz oregano

3 stems thyme

1 g red chili flakes (in tablespoons it would just be referred to a pinch, it is less than 1/8 tsp)

320 g extra virgin olive oil (1 1/3 cups)

21 g red wine vinegar (there is no equivalent in cups. it is too small a conversion in cups, I would refer to it as a splash)

Chives, for garnish


1. Mince all fresh herbs, and add to a mixing bowl.

2. Add chili flake, EVOO and season to taste with salt.

3. Once combined, add red wine vinegar and serve alongside grilled or seared scallops (medium high heat, 2 minutes each side, or until browned). Garnish with cut chives.

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