Rock the Grill with These 7 Easy Grilled Rockfish Recipes
Rock the Grill with These 7 Easy Grilled Rockfish Recipes

Rock the Grill with These 7 Easy Grilled Rockfish Recipes

June 15th, 2020

A Roundup of Perfect Warm Weather Rockfish Meals

Rockfish is a mild whitefish that is found up and down the Pacific coast. It's a great alternative to tilapia or sea bass, producing lean fillets that can be used in a variety of recipes where you need a fish that can be dressed up like a blank, tasty canvas. Extremely versatile and an especially sustainable catch, wild-caught rockfish will help you rock the grill this summer, cooking up fast and easy; they’re a particularly good choice for tacos, but can also be enjoyed simply grilled fillet with fresh accompaniments.

Our Favorite Easy Rockfish Recipes

Here are 7 wild-caught rockfish recipes that will keep you chill at the grill this summer:

1. Classic Rockfish Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa

Got some ripe tomatillos and avocados? Make them into a fresh and flavorful salsa to serve atop these grilled rockfish tacos from Sunset Magazine, rubbed with a freshly toasted coriander-cumin spice mix. This is a platonic grilled fish taco recipe that won’t ever let you down. Since you’re grilling these rockfish fillets after they’ve been cut into chunks, definitely use a grill basket or a similar grill tool, lest you lose any of these juicy morsels in the belly of the grill. 

2. Rockfish with Umami-Broth

This elegant recipe from Saveur for grilled rockfish is served with a delectable mussel-mushroom-fish-frame broth, spooned over the top once the fillets come off the grill, bathing it in umami bliss. While the recipe requires you to have your kitchen stocked with a few items you might not normally have, it’s fairly simple to execute. You’ll just need to think about this dish a little in advance, as it requires about two hours of curing in a spiced sugar-salt brine before it hits the hot grill. 

3. Blackened Rockfish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Out West: Food & Lifestyle’s version of grilled rockfish tacos are blackened in a Cajun seasoning blend of your choice and topped with a creamy-smoky chipotle slaw. The heat of these flavors is balanced out by the tangy sweetness of a fresh mango salsa — but there’s some heat there too, so make sure you have a cold beer by your site to cool things off. 

4. Stewed-Tomatoes and Crab-Spiced Rockfish

This recipe from The Cooking Channel  for grilled rockfish fillets with slow-stewed tomatoes and a simple coleslaw is perfect for early summer, when the evenings are still a tad cool and fresh tomatoes aren’t quite in season. You’ll need about three hours to simmer down a big pot of canned tomatoes into the rustic sauce that this dish calls for, which you’ll serve alongside rockfish fillets that you’ve basted in a crab-spiced butter sauce while on the grill. 

5. Rockfish with Miso-Nectarine Compote

When ripe, and juicy nectarines come into season, you’ll want to go straight to this recipe from Food52 for grilled rockfish, served with a sweet, savory, and fruity compote. The complex layers of flavor — mellow leeks, umami-rich miso, and the tartness of stone fruit — make this dish one that will leave your palette fully satisfied. 

6. Rockfish Tacos with Red Pepper-Saffron Rouille 

A spicy rouille (sort of like an aioli) accompanies these simply grilled rockfish tacos from Main & Vine, elevating the dish with the flavors of open flame-roasted red peppers, saffron, and garlic. For even more flavor and texture, these tacos are topped with a ripe tomato salsa and simple napa cabbage slaw. 

7. Bonus: BBQ Rockfish Sandwich Without the Grill 

Need an easy lunch or quick weeknight dinner? Chef Rob Eggleston recipe for an easy BBQ rockfish sandwich packs delicious barbecue whitefish in every bite, and you don't even need to fire up the grill! This rockfish sandwich recipe features a tantalizing blend of sweet, savory, and tangy flavors, along with a homemade coconut coleslaw that adds the perfect crunch. 

More Easy Rockfish Recipes and Meal Ideas 

At Wild Alaskan Company, we want to make cooking seafood fun and easy. We have seafood recipes for whatever meal you have in mind, from easy entrees and appetizers to tacos, sandwiches, and more. If you tried any of these recipes and loved how they turned out, explore our blog for even more easy seafood recipes and tips.