How to Make a BBQ Rockfish Sandwich


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A Sweet and Nutty Whitefish with Tang and Crunch in Every Bite

Rockfish is a white fish also referred to as Pacific snapper or rock cod. It's an incredibly versatile fish commonly sold in filets, making it easy to work into many types of meals. In terms of taste, many cooks find this mild white fish similar to red snapper, sea bass, striped bass, and mahi mahi. This white fish is a favorite among home cooks and chefs alike, and it lends itself well to a wide variety of recipes from savory umami broths to fish tacos.

It’s no secret that we love a good fish sandwich (here’s why they’re the perfect meal). And produced in collaboration with Rob Eggleston, the Executive Chef of Seamore’s of New York, this BBQ Rockfish Sandwich recipe especially dazzles the taste buds, all without having to fire up the grill! If you love the taste and texture of grilled rockfish, this recipe features the slightly sweet and nutty taste of wild-caught rockfish, the tang of BBQ and the crunch of homemade coleslaw in every bite. If you weren’t in a festive mood already, this recipe will have you rock-fishin’ out!

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