10 Festive and Cozy Holiday Brunch Ideas Starring Wild-Caught Seafood


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Start Your Day Off with a Hearty Seafood-Centric Breakfast

(Photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute)

This season, we’re putting down the presents and picking up our forks for a cozy, festive holiday brunch starring wild-caught seafood. Whether you like your holiday brunches elaborate or more casual and relaxed, we’ve got some of our favorite seafood brunch recipes that will have you jumping out of bed and straight into the kitchen on your day off.

Make the most of your holiday morning by making one of these 10 brunch recipes featuring wild-caught seafood.

Halibut Steak and Eggs

Start out your holiday strong with the classic combo of steak and eggs — but recast as a breakfast skillet with pan-seared halibut steak and eggs. This sizzlin’ hot brunch recipe is one of our favorite heart healthy seafood brunch recipes: It’s as indulgent as it is good for you, letting you treat yourself to both health and happiness first thing in the morning. 

Smoked Salmon Blinis

No matter how late you’ve slept in, you can make buckwheat blinis from scratch for brunch with our quick and easy recipe for smoked salmon blinis. This yeastless recipe uses baking soda to get the buckwheat batter to rise, making these blinis foolproof and fast. For bunch-sized blinis, ladle out enough batter into the pan as you make them so that they’ll be large enough to hold a couple of ribbons of smoked sockeye salmon. 

Smoked Salmon with Potato Latkes

Fried potato latkes are another great option when you want to be able to pile smoked salmon onto something tasty. For a shortcut, try making them with frozen shredded potatoes as this recipe from Cooking Light suggests; it’ll save you the time and effort it takes to shred and squeeze excess water from the batter. 

Crab Benedict

For classic but elevated brunch vibes, try making Martha Stewart’s recipe for a crab benedict. There’s nothing unexpected here, only just the best seafood for a weekend brunch: Sweet crab meat, perfect hollandaise, and creamy avocado, all on a toasted English muffin. What more could you ask for? 

Seafood Soufflé

A seafood soufflé is ridiculously satisfying to make and to eat. After all, who doesn’t love watching a batter rise to fluffy, mouthwatering heights? Lucky for you, it’s a holiday and you can camp out by the oven for as long as you like to watch your soufflé come to life. 

We’ve got an easy seafood soufflé recipe for you that incorporates wild salmon, whether you’re using smoked salmon or flaked leftovers from an epic feast — but you can actually substitute any type of ready-to-eat seafood instead, like picked crab meat or spot prawns. 

Salmon and Leek Quiche

Actually, an even more ideal way to use last night’s leftovers is to make a puff pastry quiche for brunch the next morning. This recipe from Food52 is written to be made using freshly cooked salmon and leeks, but you can simply use this recipe as a template and substitute leftover, flaked salmon and whatever cooked veggies you have on hand.

Smoked Salmon Tart

Puff pastry comes in handy for brunch tarts, too. How Sweet Eats has a smoked salmon tart recipe that eats like a special brunch treat, with all the familiar, comforting flavors of an everything bagel. 

Spot Prawns and Grits

For a rich, creamy brunch dish inspired by a Lowcountry classic, use your spot prawns to make a luxurious bowl of shrimp and grits. Food & Wines recipe uses just water to hydrate the grits, but we suggest using a 50-50 mix of water and spot prawn stock to layer more prawn flavor into the dish. 

Crab Croque Monsieurs 

Embrace the cozy bistro vibes for your holiday brunch with these crab croque monsieurs and madames from Rachel Ray Magazine. Piled high with melted cheese, ham, bechamel, and maybe an egg, these brunchy sandwiches are stacked even higher with a scoop of sweet, succulent crab salad spiced with a bit of Old Bay.

Breakfast Ramen with Scallops

Scallops for breakfast? Yes, please! And in a breakfast ramen? YES, PLEASE. Tim Anderson’s recipe for a breakfast ramen with scallops is exactly what you didn’t know you wanted to wake up to on a holiday. As with any ramen, you’re going to get the best flavor when you’re using homemade, good-quality ramen broth — so make sure you have either prawn or fish stock ready to use for this steaming bowl of brunch. 

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