RECIPE: "Pescado Picante" (Spicy Fish)


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An Old Family Recipe That Comes Together Fast

Our founder's wife grew up eating this dish, which in her home was made with grouper. We've adapted the recipe to feature our halibut, which flakes beautifully in the bold aromatics of the herbs and spices, in a low-flamed delicate poach. The result is a clean, flavor-forward meal that is as heart and satisfying as it is clean and healthy.

"Pescado Picante" (Spicy Fish)

Serves 2-3


3 halibut fillets, cut into large chunks
1 large bunch cilantro, stems and leaves separated
Generous dash turmeric
Generous dash cayenne pepper
Generous dash white pepper
Generous dash black pepper
Salt as needed
1 red hot chili pepper (or other spicy pepper), halved and seeded
4 cloves garlic, minced (I like to do it through a press to retain the moisture of garlic, which makes marinating fish easier)
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh shelled fava beans (you can also use dry ones, but make sure to pre-soak them)


1. Marinate halibut chunks with garlic and salt, set aside.

2. Lay cilantro stems on the base bottom of the pot as a base.

3. Arrange the halibut chunks on a bed of stems.

4. Add in enough water to cover a little bit of the fish but not submerge.

5. Add in all the spices and seasonings, as well as the half (or whole, depending on how spicy you like it) the spicy pepper. Add in the fava beans. Add a healthy glug of olive oil.

6. Cover everything with the cilantro leaves. Simmer on low heat for about five minutes, or just until the halibut starts to perfectly flake.

7. Spoon sauce over the chunks and serve with white rice, couscous or any other favorite grain.

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