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Get $15 OFF Your First Order!

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Three generations of experience in the Alaskan fishing industry allows us to bring premium, wild-caught seafood to your doorstep.


The lean protein and omega-3's make fish a smart, nutritious choice. Eating fish two or three times per week may reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Convenient Delivery

We deliver ready-to-cook, perfectly portioned seafood straight to your doorstep. Take the guesswork out of seafood!

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What's in the Box?

  • Wild Caught Seafood
  • Flash Frozen & Shipped with Dry Ice
  • Individually-Sealed (Avg. 6 oz. Each)
  • Ready-to-Cook
  • Sustainably Harvested
  • Processed in the USA
  • Never Farmed or Genetically Modified

The quality of the fish is top shelf. My wife and I have enjoyed both fish dinners. Finding your fish service came at an opportune time. We just decided to eat more fish (shooting for twice a week) and more of a Mediterranean diet. This delicious fish is making it easy. 4 thumbs up from me and my wife.

John C. from CA

We have enjoyed a couple of meals with your fantastic fish. I especially appreciated how the packing was so environmentally friendly. We were even able to recycle the leftover dry ice by giving it to a science class to show what fun dry ice can be. I see us enjoying your seafood for a long time.

Susan K. from MN