RECIPE: Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Spot Prawns


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A Fresh and Healthy Way to Fuse Protein and Veggies

These are crowd-pleasers that are great as appetizers or entrees, and the spot prawns can be replaced with any steamed fish.


Rice paper wraps (larger size ones recommended)

Rice vinegar

Vermicelli (rice noodles - white or brown rice noodles, also called Vietnamese rice sticks)

Cucumbers, julienned into matchsticks

Shredded carrot, white and purple cabbage (you can use a pre-made mix to avoid so much grating work)

Avocado, sliced long

Cilantro, chopped

Sesame oil


Spot prawns, thawed and peeled (one per roll, so if you have 8 prawns, that will make 8 rolls)

Pirex or shallow bowl with hot water (to soften/moisten the rice paper wraps), large dry plate to place the finished rolls
Peanut sauce (store bought peanut sauce for dipping)



1. Boil water. Put vermicelli in a bowl and add boiled water to it until noodles soften. Drain. Add a little rice vinegar and salt, toss.

2. Dress the cabbage/carrot mix with sesame oil

3. Dress the julienned cucumbers with a little lemon and salt

4. Steam the prawns

5. The trick to building the rolls, have everything ready and create an assembly line.

6. To work with the rice paper, take one at a time and hold in the warm water pirex until you feel it soft. It takes a minute to "get" the perfect consistency, so you might need to try a few times til you do. Once the texture feels soft and workable, put on the dry plate and start filling with all the elements - again, you'll start to get a sense of how much you need of each, so as to not over or under fill. 

7. Same with the rolling. You will likely have to do a few before you "get" how it works. I start by folding in the bottom, then from top, then the sides. It's moist so things will ideally stick into place.



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