How to Broil Wild Halibut


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Tips on Using High Heat for a Simple and Reliable Preparation

One of the best and easiest ways to cook wild Alaskan seafood such as halibut is by putting it under your broiler. The intense blast of heat does a great job of searing the outside while keeping the center moist and not overcooked. And because you’re cooking the fish for a short period of time, it is a great way to maintain the true flavor of the fish.

Halibut, like most Alaskan seafood, benefits from a simple preparation, and the best way to enhance the flavor of the fish is to not overdo it with seasonings. Generally, a simple seasoning like salt and pepper and some sort of acid such as lemon juice does the trick.

Prepping for Broiling

Pat the filet dry with either paper towels or a clean kitchen towel. This will remove any excess moisture from the fish and ensure a nice and crispy exterior.  

The first thing to do when you’re planning to broil halibut (or any fish) is to get your oven ready. Turn the broil setting on to high. It should take the oven a few minutes to warm up.

To facilitate clean up after you're finished cooking, use a cookie sheet with aluminum foil over it so you don’t have to dirty additional dishes.

Tips on Oven Placement

Most ovens have three racks and the best place to put the fillet is on the top one to expose it to a fast and intense blast of heat. However, if the fish looks like it is about to burn, you can do two things to keep it safe: either, cover the fillet with tin foil to prevent the top from charing, or move it to the middle rack of the oven. Try to avoid putting it on the oven’s bottom rack, as it won’t get the intense blast of heat which is intended when broiling fish.

A good rule of thumb is to broil 4 inches from the heat for 3‒4 minutes per 1/2 inch of thickness. If your fish is 1-inch thick or more, carefully turn it halfway through cooking. You can tell that the filet is finished by pressing on it lightly with a fork. It should flake easily.

Broiled Halibut Recipes We Love

This broiled halibut with pea-ricotta puree is both simple and satisfying, and the smoked paprika gives the flavor profile some real personality.

This buttery halibut recipe with mayonnaise and cheese is a keto diet dream — it’s no wonder they call it Heavenly Halibut.

And if you’re looking for a tropical, healthy preparation, try this broiled halibut with mango avocado relish, accompanied here by cauliflower rice.

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