A Case for the Fish Sandwich: Always an Optimal Menu Choice


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Here’s Why Wild-Caught Seafood Sammies are the Perfect Meal

As the third generation of an Alaskan fishing family, our CEO & Founder Arron Kallenberg grew up eating sockeye salmon cheeseburgers off the day’s catch. And what started as a quick and easy meal on his family’s fishing boat has become the inspiration in turning our own wild-caught and sustainable seafood into an accessible meal with a protein that is as dynamic and versatile as any burger patty out there.

On any given day, 50% of Americans eat a sandwich. This is because sandwiches are awesome, delicious and an efficient way to consume a perfectly rounded out, nutrient-dense meal. Sandwiches are great vessels for one of our favorite things to eat — or five of our favorite things to eat. Sandwiches are also perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. While there are basically no rules to a sandwich, other than stack it however you like, we’re here to share our tips on enjoying a craveable fish sandwich — always with a side of fun.

All Ages

Sharing a meal with family is always a highlight of the day, and cooking together can be a great extension of that bonding time. This Healthy Fish Sandwich for kids created by a mother who’s also a registered dietician will teach little ones that healthy can still be delicious. Or these Beer Battered Fish Sandwiches might just bring too many eager cooks into the kitchen, so be careful what you wish for!

Keto, Paleo, and Pescetarianism

Dietary regimens call for creativity, and we love a good challenge. If you’re living that keto life, this Salmon BLT Keto Sandwich recipe is the ultimate low-carb and grain-free meal. For pescatarians looking for something a bit more complex, elevate your passion for fish to the next level with this Michelin-starred recipe. And for those on the Paleo Diet, wrap it up in paleo-friendly tortillas made of coconut flour.

Grill, Bake or Fry, or Give ‘Em All a Try

Grilling fish like in this Grilled Salmon Sandwich recipe provides more than just those beautiful grill marks, but also a smoky essence that enhances every bite. Baking fish like in this Baked Halibut Sandwich recipe is a healthy option that makes slathering it with tartar sauce feel a lot less guilty. And then there’s the always popular option of frying the fish like in this Crispy Cod Sandwich recipe, which is a guaranteed hit.

Bread Winning

Whether the fish is grilled, baked or fried, a soft and fluffy bun is the best pairing of bread to compliment the fish’s tenderness and flaky texture. But if you’re in the mood to switch up your carbs, there are also recipes that call for thick slices of sandwich bread, rye bread, or even none at all with a lettuce wrap instead.

Fish Sandwiches of America

All it takes is one special element for a fish sandwich to transport you to another part of the country. This Hawaiian Fish Sandwich recipe is a mainstay on Hawaiin menus, this Market Grill Fish Sandwich is inspired from the famed Seattle restaurant, and this Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Burger is a throwback to what our CEO & Founder grew up eating on the back of his dad’s boat.

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