Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon: Everything You Need to Know

Meet The Main Ingredient For Your Next Breakfast

Remember the joy that came from eating wild-caught, sustainable salmon for the first time? Well, you’re in for the same treat with Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon. Made from the same sockeye salmon we’ve been offering our members since day one, this smoked salmon is unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

Smoked Salmon 101

There are a number of different products and processing methods that come to mind when it comes to smoked salmon. 

The first is hot smoked salmon, which is more popular on the West Coast. In this method, salmon is cured in a wet brine and then smoked at a temperature higher than 85°F, resulting in a smoky flavor and texture that resembles cooked salmon. 

Popular on the East Coast, lox is salmon that’s been cured with salt and hasn’t been smoked at all. This process draws out moisture from the fish, and results in a strong salty flavor without any smokiness. 

Gravlax is a Nordic style that includes curing salmon in salt, sugar and dill, and oftentimes with alcohol as well. 

And then that leaves us with nova, which is the category that most often comes to mind when thinking of smoked salmon. Similar to lox, nova smoked salmon is cured with salt, but that’s not the end of the process. It’s then smoked at a temperature lower than 85°F, preserving the silky texture of the fish while producing a smoky flavor and velvety consistency often consumed in thin slices. Smoking the salmon at this temperature is also what puts it into its own category of cold smoked salmon

How It’s Made 

When we say our Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before, we really mean it. 

For starters, it’s smoked with alder wood, which grows abundantly in Alaska. This is also the same wood that’s been traditionally used to smoke salmon by the state’s indigenous population, highly prized for giving the fish a nice sweet taste. Next, our smoked salmon is wild-caught and sustainable. Because it’s wild (and not farmed), our Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon is leaner with a lower fat content. That means a richer taste and more robust flavor. Achieving this end result starts with our usual process of sourcing some of the best sockeye salmon from Alaska. Shortly after being caught, the sockeye salmon are then handpicked to be smoked. The selection process is based on size since smaller salmon cure more evenly. They’re then cured with some salt and brown sugar before the smoking begins.

How to Eat Our Cold Smoked Sockeye

Research has shown that the composition of omega-3 fatty acids in wild salmon doesn’t change after the fish has been smoked. That makes Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon another delicious and healthy protein choice linked to combating heart disease, improving brain development and reducing inflammation. With this good news, and in combination of smoked salmon’s salty and smoky flavor, our first recommendation would be to keep it classic with a bagel and cream cheese. Pairing it with vegetables like cucumber cups (to use as a vessel for that yummy goodness) or a spring salad are also great methods.

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