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Take the Guesswork out of Your Clean Protein Plan

The Wild Alaskan Company ensures that you have a regular and ongoing supply of clean-meal basics, so that you can more effortlessly achieve consistency in your healthy eating.

A Wild Alaskan seafood membership keeps your freezer stocked up with the right kind of healthy, nutrient-dense protein seafood entrees that are ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner — not to mention excellent for all your hosting needs.

Our seafood membership also offers Alaskan whitefish such as cod and halibut, which means every box you receive is full of variety. You stay healthy, but never bored.

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What Does "Eating Wild" Mean to You?

Eating wild means enjoying the delicious, natural flavors and multiple health benefits of ancient food sources, such as wild-caught fish — and consistently doing so in harmony with the planet.

For us, eating wild also means knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, where your seafood comes from; and always being certain that you can trust the source.

Your Connection to the Source

Our founder brings the experience and knowledge of three generations of Bristol Bay sockeye fisherman to your table, an entire family legacy built on sustainably and ethically harvesting wild-caught Alaskan fish.

This history positions us to partner with only the highest-quality fisheries in Alaska, which means that our members — everywhere across the country — consistently get the best of the best.

What People Have to Say About Us

We're on a mission to accelerate humanity's transition to sustainable food systems. And along the way, we're committed to helping our members feel confident and great about their next seafood creation.

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john C review of Wild Alaskan Company
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The quality of the fish is top shelf. My wife and I have enjoyed both fish dinners. Finding your fish service came at an opportune time. We just decided to eat more fish (shooting for twice a week) and more of a Mediterranean diet. This delicious fish is making it easy. 4 thumbs up from me and my wife.

john C. | California

Susan K review of Wild Alaskan Company
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We have enjoyed a couple of meals with your fantastic fish. I especially appreciated how the packing was so environmentally friendly. We were even able to recycle the leftover dry ice by giving it to a science class to show what fun dry ice can be. I see us enjoying your seafood for a long time.

Susan K. | Minnesota

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It arrived in Chicagoland in perfect condition still frozen. Loved the green packaging too. I grew up on the Columbia River a stone's throw from Ilwaco where Dad and I went ocean salmon fishing regularly, and to this day I can't eat the salmon in grocery stores in the midwest. My husband had no idea what real salmon tasted like until dinner tonight. Thanks for bringing back the healthy and delicious taste of my childhood.


We have enjoyed a few meals so far on our first order, the salmon is great, we have bought wild caught in the grocery store for years but getting this from your company takes it up to the top. Like I said in a email when asking a question to Lauren, I guess the only way to get it any fresher is to buy an airline ticket to Alaska.


The salmon is DELICIOUS!! I couldn't be happier! I won't eat farmed fish, so this service is just awesome. I can't wait for the next shipment! Seriously, I am a very happy customer, and am looking forward to whatever you send next time. Thanks so much, and I hope you find much success. I am spreading the word!


We totally love the sockeye salmon!! We have had it a couple times already, and it doesn't matter how it's is so flavorful. Absolutely no comparison to any other fish I have ever purchased. Thank you, for going the extra mile to provide such high quality choices and for keeping it affordable!!!


We have enjoyed the wild alaskan salmon that we purchased. It is very good. Appreciate that the salmon are individually packed and you can take out only what you need for a meal. It is very difficult to find wild caught salmon in our area, majority is farm-raised in Chile and also saw some farm raised from Norway. We are glad we have found Wild Alaskan Company! You can change plans and dates of delivery very easily and we appreciate that since we want to make sure we are home when it is delivered. Thank you!


So far a great experience. Got shipment very quickly and best of all the fish is delicious. I'm a seafood snob and can tell that it was frozen in short time after it was caught. Great job, keep it coming!


It is difficult here in Santa Fe, NM to get really good fish and since I lived in Ketchikan for 8 years (5 on a boat) where I always had fabulous, fresh fish, my friends here trust me to recommend good fish! I am happy to recommend your company as we have thoroughly enjoyed the fish we have received from you.


We love our wild Alaskan fish and have told many of our friends about it and will continue to sing your praises. We fished in Alaska (for one day!) and experienced the taste of fresh caught! Since then we have wanted an affordable way to have only wild caught Alaskan fish! Your company is the answer!!! Salmon, Cod and Halibut are our favorites so far.


The fish was the best I have ever had the pleasure of cooking. I was totally blown away by how much better it was!!! We are very happy we joined!


We LOVE your company, LOVE the quality of the fish, and can’t wait to get our next box!


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Your wild-caught seafood is carefully packaged in an insulated box and shipped with dry ice so it stays fresh-frozen all the way to your doorstep.

If there’s any problem with your delivery, just contact our member experience team and we’ll make it right — we stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And, of course, you can cancel any time you want.

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