Here’s How a Wild Alaskan Membership Makes You a Better Home Chef


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Cooking Up Delectable Seafood is Only the Start

Believe it or not, a Wild Alaskan membership is more than just wild-caught seafood delivered to your doorstep. It might even be a critical key to making you a better home chef. It’s true: your recurring box of sustainable fish — aside from helping you eat clean, delicious protein regularly and effortlessly —  can also help to catalyze practical cooking habits, more sophisticated techniques and more interesting flavor profiles that are sure to elevate the skill sets of home chefs at every level.

Consistency Makes Perfect

The thought of buying seafood to cook at home, and then having it turn out as anything-but-perfect, can be daunting. That’s also why so many seafood lovers typically relegate this category of protein to special occasions at pricey restaurants. But a Wild Alaskan membership changes all of that. A monthly 12-pack box of seafood offers a dozen opportunities (or two dozen if you’re a 24-packer!) to sharpen your culinary skills and build confidence each time. The consistency of our membership delivery not only helps you consume the doctor-recommended serving of fish per week, but it also demystifies cooking seafood altogether with routine and repetition. And overcoming that intimidating factor of cooking fish means a stronger foundation with which to experiment and become more bold with your recipes.

So-FISH-ticated Eye

A Wild Alaskan membership provides a reliable source of premium fish that’s prized for being some of the best in the world. Becoming familiar to a diversity of species while having regular access to such high quality seafood helps establish your practical knowledge on the matter, making you a seafood expert on what to look for in texture, flavor, color and different types of cuts. That means the next time someone asks you about the difference between cooking salmon and sablefish, explaining their flavor profiles or suggested cooking methods will be a cinch.

Seafood (and Cooking) Made Easy

We know that a chef is only as good as the ingredients with which they cook. And that means cooking with wild-caught and sustainable seafood from Alaska instantly elevates your chef game. In addition, a Wild Alaskan membership is all about creating the easiest cooking experience possible. That means a straightforward monthly membership (with the ability to pause or skip anytime!), so you always receive your fish around the same time each month, and individually wrapped 6 oz. portions that are ready to be cooked. And whenever you’re up for a next challenge, customizing your upcoming Wild Alaskan box with different seafood options or add-ons is just a click away.

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