Stop Eating Fake Salmon

The truth about farmed vs. wild-caught salmon

Sustainably-farmed! Farm-raised! Organic! Wild! Have you been to the seafood section of your grocer and hit with these buzzwords? What do they all mean? How do you know where your salmon actually comes from?  

Because of its lower cost to the consumer, farmed salmon has become a popular dinner option for Americans. Unfortunately, it’s unhealthier than its wild-caught counterpart. Farmed salmon usually contains a higher fat content (more than double) and is pumped with antibiotics.  

Okay, so you’ll buy the wild stuff right? Well, just because the packaging says wild does that mean it’s always wild-caught? The dirty truth is no. A lot of farm-raised fish are labeled as wild-caught to charge you a premium.

The best way to avoid all of these buzzwords and deceptive practices is to find a fishmonger who only sells wild salmon. At Wild Alaskan Company, we take the guessing game out of understanding where your fish comes from and only source wild.

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