The Smart Snack: How to Eat Wild Salmon Between Meals

Curbing Hunger with Mother Nature’s Best

Most of us know that eating a diet rich in fresh fish is crucial for an overall healthy lifestyle. But more often than not, we consume that fish during our larger meals of the day, particularly during lunch and dinner. Maybe we squeeze some fish into breakfast or brunch, but rarely do we use the words salmon and snacking in the same sentence, which is a serious shame. Wild salmon is actually a perfect choice when you are looking for a healthy, filling, delicious and nutrient-rich bite at all hours of the day.

What makes a food a great snack food, anyway? It has to be tasty. It has to be satisfying. And it has to be convenient to make and easy to eat. Salmon is all of those things.

Why Wild Salmon?

Protein-Forward Snack - Whether you are just looking to increase your protein intake, or you’re on a protein-rich diet such as paleo or keto, salmon is a perfect choice for a healthy, low-carb, protein-packed snack to curb hunger in between meals. And when it comes to protein, salmon is special because it is high in lean protein, meaning it offers high quality nutrition without the extra calories or unnecessary fat.

Perfect Brain Food - Wild salmon is a brain-boosting food that delivers high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of cognitively beneficial DHA, as well as low levels of mercury, making it the perfect brain food to support cognitive development. This is one of the reasons why it’s so beneficial for children.

Whether you’re looking to serve appetizers for friends or mid-morning bites to your kids, there’s a salmon dish for you.

Salmon Croquettes

Croquettes are popular treats around the world, and these croquettes are perfect for snacking because they contain less breadcrumbs than most recipes and really let the salmon steal the show. They are fairly easy to make, and once they are prepared into patties they only cook for 5 minutes. And you can always whip up a batch and then freeze some croquettes to have on deck when a craving strikes.

Salmon Dip

Instead of crackers and cheese, spinach dip or even veggies and hummus, opt for a protein-packed fish dip to nosh on during snack time. This salmon dip is a perfect savory treat for your next dinner party, brunch party, or even just for an afternoon light bite.

Salmon Jerky

Forget beef jerky or turkey jerky — salmon jerky is about to change your life. This snack is crunchy and satisfying, high in protein, indulgent but healthy, and perfect alone or on top of a salad of your choice. The trick is to use high quality salmon, and let the salmon sit in the brine for at least 12 hours. If you have a dehydrator, you’ll get perfectly crispy jerky every time, but you can make it in the oven as well.

Salmon Cucumber Bites

Skip the bread and serve your salmon dip on top of cucumber slices for a carb-free snack time treat. This dip is made using poached salmon, which is so easy to make and so light and healthy. The fish is mixed with seasoning, olive oil, capers, raspberry vinegar and dill, and served on top of cucumbers. If you’re all about a paleo or keto diet, or you’re just trying to cut back on carbs, this snack is perfect.

Salmon Crostini

If low carb isn’t your thing, this salmon crostini allows the bold flavors of broiled salmon to star, while the crème fraîche mixture balances the salmon flavors perfectly. It’s simple but sophisticated, and healthy yet satisfying.

Baked Salmon NuggetsYour kids love chicken nuggets, but you want them to eat more salmon. Enter these salmon nuggets, which offer the best of both worlds. They are delicious but healthy and super kid-friendly at dinnertime, snack time, or really any time of day.

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