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When it comes to cooking and enjoying seafood, we’re of the school that knowledge and awareness are just as key as taste and texture. Here, you can learn more about all the different species we offer.

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Best Tasting Fish For First-Time Seafood Eaters

The Species that Turn Seafood Newbies Into Seafood Lovers

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What Exactly Do Wild-Caught Fish Eat?

The Dietary Patterns of Some of Our Favorite Alaskan Species

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Migration Matters: The Mystical Route of Wild Alaskan Salmon

Understanding the Crucial Journey of a Sacred Species

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Little Known Facts About Wild-Caught Alaskan Fish

Cool Seafood Trivia About Our Species

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Coho vs. Sockeye Salmon: Understanding the Difference

A Quick Breakdown of the Species' Nuances

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How to Store Your Box of Seafood

Tips on How to Properly Pack Your Bounty

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Dungeness Crab: Everything You Need to Know

The Crustacean You'll Want to Get Your Claws On

Is Cod a Healthy Fish to Eat Regularly?

A Look at the Perfect Anti-Inflammatory Choice

Kin in the Game

The Beauty of Being Married Into an Alaskan Family

Wild Salmon is More Spiritual Than You Think

Understanding How This Special Wild Species Keeps the Balance

Hear Me Out On My Case for Tail Pieces

The Unsung Heroes of Your Seafood Arsenal

Fresh vs. Frozen Seafood: What’s the Difference?

Why Flash Frozen Seafood is Your Best Bet When it Comes to Quality

How to Master Your Seafood Pantry

Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Stocked for Success

20 Reasons to Eat More Seafood in 2020

Our One and Only Obligatory List to Usher In the New Year (We Promise!)

The Everyday Wild Alaska Pollock Potluck

Recipes for your Pack of Quick Cuts

Having a Seafood Thanksgiving is Easier than You Think

It's All Gravy (and Cranberries and Mashed Potatoes) From Here

Weathervane Scallops for the Feast

Crowd-Pleasing Inspirations for Your Next Dinner Party or Holiday Spread

Faux Frying: A Healthier Option for a Crispy, Crunchy Seafood Texture

Crusting Techniques and Coatings We’re Nuts For

8 Wine Pairing Suggestions to Optimize Your Wild Alaska Pollock Experience

Beverage Selections for a Super-Versatile Fish (In Partnership with Winc)

A Newbie’s Guide to Making Smoked Salmon (Even if You Don’t Have a Smoker)

Leave the Cold Smoked Salmon to Us, and Become an Expert on the Other Varieties

Sablefish: Everything You Need to Know

The Highly Prized Fish with a Melt-in-Your-Mouth Flavor Profile

A Case for the Fish Sandwich: Always an Optimal Menu Choice

Here’s Why Wild-Caught Seafood Sammies are the Perfect Meal

3 Key Advantages of a Monthly Wild-Caught Seafood Membership

Membership Benefits that Go Beyond Time and Convenience

Here's Why Wild Salmon is More Spiritual Than You Think

Understanding How Salmon is the Great Balance-Keeper of an Ever-Changing Flow

6 Epic Fish-Cooking Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your At-Home Seafood Cooking Game

Rockfish: The Alaskan Whitefish Species You Didn’t Know You Needed

Everything You Need to Know About this Delicious, Mild and Versatile Species

8 Wine Pairing Suggestions to Optimize Your Wild Alaska Pollock Experience

Perfect Beverage Selections for a Super-Versatile Fish

What is Coho Salmon? Everything You Need to Know

A One-Sheet Guide on One of the Milder Salmon Species

Here's Why Wild Salmon Cooks Faster Than Farmed Salmon

Understanding (and Mastering!) the Art of Cooking Wild Salmon Right

Here’s Why Cod is the Unsung Hero of the Sea

Getting Inspired by a Fish that’s as Mighty as it is Mild

Is It Okay To Eat Salmon Skin?

What You Need to Know

Fukushima Radiation: Is Wild Alaskan Seafood Safe to Eat?

Understanding the Science-Backed Green Light to Keep Eating Alaskan Fish

Can You Eat Raw Salmon?

Understanding the Safety of Flash Frozen Salmon for Uncooked Consumption

Here's Why Salmon are Pink, Orange or Red

An Overview on How Diet Affects the Color of Salmon’s Flesh

4 Ways Wild Alaskan Salmon Regions are Just Like Wine Regions

Understanding how nature informs the essential makeup of food

When it Comes to Wild Salmon, Here's Why Frozen is Usually Better than "Fresh"

Demystifying the Process of How Quality Fish Ultimately Makes it to Your Table

Avoid Seafood Fraud: 3 Things to Look Out For

Tips on How to Spot Mislabeling and Avoiding Fish Fraud