The Art of Eating Seafood on Your Sojourn


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Tips on How to Enjoy Wild Fish on the Road

The smoldering sunshine of July makes me want to jump in the car, throw on my shades, turn up the music and drive off to some secret Mother-Nature-at-her-finest destination, with a crew of my happy, smiley loved ones excitedly in tow. After all, it’s the special summer-tastic period of the year when people give themselves permission to unplug, dive into quality bonding time, and kick back into the restful bliss known collectively as VACATION.

And when I think of the most memorable vacations, a few things always come to mind: good food, great company and beautiful backdrops. So, let us at least help you with that first piece by hitting you with some ideas and inspiration to help take your wild-caught seafood on the road. After all, just because your fish arrives frozen to your doorstep doesn’t mean you can’t creatively make it a part of your summer sojourn!

'Which Way is Best

Fewer things say out-of-the-office like a cooler packed with lovingly-crafted homemade delicious sandwiches. And in my opinion, few sandwiches taste as great as the kind made with high-quality wild-caught fish. Which is why I want to make a strong case for using your fish fillets to assemble sammies, perfect for camping excursions (keep ‘em far from the bears, though!), fishing trips, on the road or for a flight — definitely a healthier and tastier choice than that mediocre deli-meat airport kiosk wrap, right?

Fish Over Fire

Camping is one of the most gratifying activities there is — taken to the next level of total satisfaction when one is able to cook a no-nonsense meal over an open fire, which, by the way, is beautifully viable using your fillets of wild-caught fish. Obviously, timing will be a consideration in terms of when you thaw your fish and how you get it to your campground (in a cooler with ice/ ice packs, for example), your seafood dinner al fresco will be the stuff of great memories. Cooking your fillets in foil packets, for example, are no-brainers when you’re looking for full flavor and ease of prep. This lemon-dill recipe is light and refreshing, while this one gives a more zesty Mediterrenean punch.

Legit to Confit

You’ve heard of meat or duck confit, but fish confit? YES! It’s a thing, and it’s a great and simple way to prepare and preserve your wild seafood in order to take it on the road. Making a cod confit, for example, such as in this recipe, is a great way to kick up the supple texture of the fish and bring out its flavor. And this confit, using salmon, combines dill, maple sugar and sea salt for a perfect balance of flavor.

So, go ahead: draft your auto-response email, tell ‘em all you’re going to be far away from your desk, and get those coolers and backpacks ready with healthy, delicious meals that taste just as great on your kitchen table as they will under the starriest of skies.

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