8 Ways to Indulge in Your Hot Smoked Peppered Sockeye Salmon


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Think Of it as Sockeye with a Bang

Ready-to-eat hot smoked peppered sockeye salmon is so good that we wouldn’t judge you for eating it straight out of the package. But before you do that, we think it’s worth exploring all of the other ways you might enjoy getting your fix of this smoky flavor bomb.

From salads and snacks to full-on meals in a time crunch, here are 8 recipes that reflect the many ways that you can indulge in your hot smoked peppered sockeye salmon:

Baked Eggs en Cocotte with Hot Smoked Peppered Salmon

Your weekend eggs deserve to be baked in a luxurious bath of horseradish cream and hot smoked peppered salmon, right? Delicious Magazine’s recipe for eggs en cocotte will need a few conversions for US measurements, but is otherwise a fuss-free way to treat yourself to an indulgent little brunch after a long week.

Salmon Soufflé

Intensely flavored, peppery morsels of hot smoked salmon are an ideal addition to a creamy souffle for brunch, lunch, or lazy afternoons. The salmon is ready to be flaked into the mix — a full fillet is a good amount for a 5- or 6-egg souffle — leaving you plenty of time to focus on your batter just right. If you’ve never made souffle before, don’t be shy: Check out our step-by-step recipe for making salmon soufflé.

Seafood Scallion Pancakes

Korean-style seafood pancakes are easy to make, and even easier to throw together when you’ve got a pack of hot smoked peppered salmon at the ready. Try using flaked or diced hot smoked salmon in our easy recipe for seafood pancakes for a quick, high-flavor meal that’s ready to eat in under 20 minutes.

Smoky Salmon Chowder

Rather than using bacon to build that mouthwatering smoky flavor into a bowl of chowder, use integrating diced pieces of hot smoked peppered salmon instead, stirring the fish in just before serving to warm through. This recipe from Martha Stewart Living is a simple, summery one to try out with your hot smoked salmon.

Nearly No-Cook Rice Bowl

Other than steamed rice (or your grain of choice), Bon Appetit’s hot smoked salmon breakfast bowl is a fresh, no-cook way to start your day. The meaty flavor and texture of hot smoked salmon contrasts nicely with quick-pickled cucumbers and radishes — which are easy to make and need only about 10 minutes in brine before they’re snappy and slightly sour. A simple yogurt sauce and scallion “jam” pulls everything together.

Smoked Salmon Rillettes

For a schmear that you can have ready in your fridge for snack attacks and light meals, check out this easy recipe for smoked salmon rillettes from The Kitchn. It’s made with both cold and hot smoked salmon for a scrumptious balance of textures and salt-levels, ideal for spreading on crusty baguettes, little toasts, or to use as a dip in a veggie crudite.

5-Ingredient Springtime Salmon Pasta

Jamie Oliver’s recipe for a 5-ingredient pasta is fast and full of flavor, with the addition of hot smoked salmon. Our peppered fillet gives this dish even more kick, which is a perfect complement to creamy, cool creme fraiche and bright lemon zest. The final ingredient, asparagus, makes this a great recipe to have in your back pocket this spring when your fridge is full of seasonal goodies — but don’t be afraid to swap it out for something like peas, green beans, or any other veg that has some snap to it.

Green Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon

An appetizing mix of greens — little gem, butter, arugula, and watercress — forms the bed of this gorgeous salad from Andrew Zimmern that’s just begging to be topped with clean protein: a lean fillet of hot smoked peppered salmon, broken up into large shards, makes easy work of this meal. And for just the right amount of richness, the dish is dressed with a one-two punch of creamy dill sauce and a buttery caper dressing.

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