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Wild Alaskan Company is a Delivery Service that Connects You Directly to Quality Seafood—for a Lifetime.

Buying Wild and Sustainable Seafood Just Got Easier

Find out why a Wild Alaskan Membership is a better way to buy seafood.

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As seen on Epicurious, Martha Stewart, The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, The Seattle Times, Reader's Digest, Well and Good and The Chicago Tribune As seen on Epicurious, Martha Stewart, The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, The Seattle Times, Reader's Digest, Well and Good, Sunset Magazine and The Chicago Tribune

A Better Way to Buy Seafood


Three generations of experience in the Alaskan fishing industry allows us to bring premium, wild-caught seafood to your doorstep.


The lean protein and omega-3's make fish a smart, nutritious choice. Eating fish two or three times per week may reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Convenient Delivery

We deliver ready-to-cook, perfectly portioned seafood straight to your doorstep. Take the guesswork out of seafood!


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Member Reviews

The quality of the fish is top shelf. My wife and I have enjoyed both fish dinners. Finding your fish service came at an opportune time. We just decided to eat more fish (shooting for twice a week) and more of a Mediterranean diet. This delicious fish is making it easy. 4 thumbs up from me and my wife.

John C. from CA

We have enjoyed a couple of meals with your fantastic fish. I especially appreciated how the packing was so environmentally friendly. We were even able to recycle the leftover dry ice by giving it to a science class to show what fun dry ice can be. I see us enjoying your seafood for a long time.

Susan K. from MN

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a monthly membership?

We are a supply-driven, monthly seafood program. It's difficult to consistently source high-quality, wild-caught sustainable seafood every month without knowing roughly how much fish to procure for our members. Our mission is much different than that of your typical grocery store.

Is my fish frozen or fresh?

Your fish is always frozen, so it can get to you as fresh as possible. We know that sounds kind of weird, but it's actually true. By freezing wild-caught fish shortly after it's brought to shore, that just-caught taste gets locked in and lasts. It tastes just as delicious, too.

Can I skip shipments or cancel all together?

Yes. We're here to make seafood enjoyable on your time and schedule. Change your next delivery with us anytime or let us know when you need a break. We're here for you.

Do I need to be home when it's delivered?

We've worked with engineers to figure out the perfect box size and amount of dry ice for each shipment, so your fish arrives frozen even in the hottest conditions... and stays frozen until you get home later that night.