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How Abundance Leads to Culinary Creativity

I’m going to go out on a limb here and take the liberty of making a bold declaration: you can have too much of a good thing. That’s how I feel about having an abundance of wild-caught fish in my freezer, anyway. 

I’ll admit, there was a time before we started this company when I might have asked, “what could I possibly do with all this fish?” But nowadays the question has unequivocally shifted to, “what in the world can’t I do with this all this fish?”

You see, one of the greatest byproducts of a seafood membership like ours is not only all the delicious, sustainably-harvested and nutrient-dense fish you get — but also how the abundance lends itself to a consistent cultivation of culinary creativity. So, if you ever find yourself asking what you could possibly do with all that fish, let me hit you with some inspiration. 

Effortless Entertaining

A surplus of fish allows you to strut your stuff as the host with the most for your next function or gathering. Instead of going the old chips-and-dips route or putting all your effort into that same-old-cheeseboard, why not be the person that blows every guest’s mind by serving a smattering of wild seafood canapes?

Next-Level Breakfast

Why relegate your fillets to lunch or dinner, when in fact, eating wild seafood for breakfast is one of the most nutritious choices you can make? Whether you cook seafood in scrambles, in breakfast tacos, or simply lay it on a bagel with a schmear, you’re starting your day with a no-nonsense jolt of protein that will keep your body strong and your head straight.

Eye on Experimentation

Another perk of abundance is how it can elevate your at-home seafood game by poising you to be creative and experimentational with your fillets. Not that there’s anything wrong with a classic lemon caper butter sauce, but sometimes it’s nice to use your imagination and think outside-of-the-box with whatever comes inside your box!

Masterful Meal Prepping

And last but not least, too much fish can be an excellent antidote for too little time. Absolve yourself from the regular onslaught of mealtime decisions by making a big batch of seafood stew on a Sunday that you can eat throughout the week, and even freeze for leftovers. And speaking of leftovers, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making use of all your excess fish.

So, there you have it: the beauty of bounty and my personal case for abundance.

Live Wild,


Pictured: Halibut steak chunks sautéed with a savory cherry tomato jam, alongside good old-fashioned scrambled eggs. Or as I like to call it, The Happy Captain Breakfast.

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